Geneva Cutlery 4/8 Hollow Ground

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This Razor was sold on May 5, 2014.

This is a vintage Geneva Cutlery hollow ground straight razor with acrylic scales. The blades from Geneva Cutlery Corp out of Geneva, NY (circa 1902-1935) have collectable status, and are widely known as excellent shavers.

The blade originally arrived in a highly polished state, with only minor surface patina in the expected areas. There was a serious chip in the edge that we removed - turning what was originally a 5/8 blade into a 4/8. The acrylic scales are not orginal, and are in fully functional condition with some aesthetic flaws around the spacer end of things (pictured above). The razor is seated perfectly in the scales, though. We replaced the pins with stainless phillip head screws for easy adjustments if needed. The threads of the screws have been treated with loctite.

This blade has been professionally repaired and honed by Tom Blodgett, and ships worldwide in shave ready condition. Please watch the video below.

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Width 1
Length 6
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