Take our advice. When It comes to knife sharpening and stropping supplies, Jende Industries is the leader

For over two decades, Jende Industries has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying the best sharpening and stropping supplies in the industry. For us it's personal. We test our sharpening stones, plates, strops and emulsions to meet our own standards as sharpeners in order to provide superior quality  products at affordable prices for our customers. We also give sound advice when you ask, not because we want you to buy something, but because it's what you need to get the job done right.

For beginners all the sharpening options can be overwhelming, so we provide budget options and simple one or two stone solutions. For those looking to up their game or seeking those sharpening epiphanies, we offer a sharpening smorgasbord that can satisfy any sharpening needs.

So if you are looking to replace your stock stones from the Jende JIGS (Jende Industries Guided Sharpener), Hapstone, TSProf, Edge Pro, KME Sharpener, or Wicked Edge with premium stones, or looking to continue to higher grits in your progression, or looking to to shoot for the moon in refinement, or looking to just get the kitchen sink and be done with it, Jende Industries is the sharpening rabbit hole for you!


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Jende Industries originally started as an American based company. We are now international with locations in Australia, Canada, Taiwan, and the USA.

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