Straight Razor Honing

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Straight Razors are in a league of their own when it comes to their honing and maintenance, and Jende Industries has established a name in the straight razor community as being a highly regarded honer.

Our straight razor honing services include resetting of the bevel, and honing through a complete progression of synthetic stones and finishing on Jende Diamond emulsions.

For those more experienced straight razor shavers, you may choose the finish you prefer. We also have a variety of finishing compounds and grits

We hone wedges and any degree of hollow ground razors. If there is significant chipping or no existing or established bevel, there may be an extra $15.00 charge. Please contact us before ordering if you are not sure how damaged the edge is.

Sending Razors is safe and easy - simply securely wrap the razor (or use its coffin) and use wither a padded envelope or a small box. US customers can send it via the US Post Office First Class International Mail. For those outside the US, please use conventional airmail services.

Please send the razor(s) to:

Tom Blodgett/Jende Industries
410 Chung Shan 2nd Rd. 6F
Kaohsiung City
Ling-Ya District 80242

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