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Want to try straight razor shaving but aren't sure if it's for you? Here's the answer! 

The straight razor starter set includes a stainless steel body that holds disposable razor blades. The blades are around 2" long and simply slide into the frame of the blade and can be easily replaced by using the slide ejector. The 2" length makes it easier to wield while learning how to master the fine art of straight razor shaving, and the 12 Feather-Cut razor blades guarantee smooth sailing through all beard types. 

Watch the videos below, and be patient - we recommend starting off with shaving your sideburns and cheeks, and finishing with your regular shaving implement. As you gain confidence and experience, extend your shaves to the chin, neck and upper lip. Ultimately, you want to do a full with the grain (WTG) pass, and progress to an against the grain (ATG) pass.


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Width 2
Length 6