The story of the Kinmen Knife begins in 1937 when Wu Chao-Hsi, inherited and took over the family cutlery business. During World War II, there was a serious lack of resources on the then Japanese occupied Kinmen island. Steel was particularly hard to come by, so Maestro Wu's father began to collect the artillery shells that had been dropped by the opposing military forces. He would then carry his forge on his back from village to village making knives.

The Kinmen Knife would become forever synonymous with Maestro Wu and Bombshell Steel after Kinmen suffered artillery bombardment from Communist Mainland China during the Second Taiwan Straight CrisisThe August 23, 1958 Artillery Battle was the severest battle during that period. The shelling left millions of shells that became an abundant source of material for the production of knives. Maestro Wu started to collect the shells from all over Kinmen Island, and earned his reputation by forging the artillery shells into fine cutlery.

Maestro Wu's history is rich and his knives functional. For over 80 years they have prided themselves on being master cutlerers, offering the D series Western and Asian knives and cleavers, the award winning MA design series, the A series Damascus Steel style, the G series knives for traditional markets, and the H series for outdoor use.