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"Don" Michiel Vanhoudt's expert straight razor honing services are customized to suit your needs. Straight razors in a typical rotation require maintenance every 6 months to a year in order to refresh the often rounded edge of the edge caused by stropping over time.

Routine maintenance honing starts off at $30.00 for any size hollow ground or wedge razor. Straights are honed up to 15K and then finished on a strop with 0.1 micron Jende Poly Diamond or a JNAT nasiji. Minor edge damage from normal use is repaired as part of the honing service, but there are extra charges for any work requiring a bevel set/reset due to damage or chips. Our honing services do not include razor restorations, which is rust removal, new scales, or reburbushing ebay specials.

Please contact us first if you are unsure of the amount of work necessary, or to get a quote for more than one straight razor.

Razors should be wrapped securely and sent to:

Michiel Vanhoudt
Fraikinstraat 43b
2200 Herentals

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