Jende Industries: Reeds Knives, Sharpening Supplies, Kitchen Knives, and more!

Jende Industries is centered on sharpening, so all of our products either do the sharpening or the cutting. We make many of our own products, such as the Jende JIGS for knives, Oboe and Bassoon Reed Knives, Poly Diamond Emulsions, Leather Chef Knife Rolls, Nanocloth, Leather and Kangaroo Strops, and even Glass Lapping Plates. On the knife side, we represent Maestro Wu, who makes a wide range of kitchen cutlery out of reclaimed bombshell steel; as well as Taiwan Tuna Knives from famed Sword maker Master Kuo, whose Green Destiny Sword was featured in "Couching Dragon, Hidden Tiger". Lastly, if you own a guided sharpening system, you probably have used our Naniwa Chosera stones, Atoma Diamond Plates, Suehiro Gokumyo stones, or Spyderco stones that have been custom cut to 1x4 KME, Wicked Edge, or 1x6 JIGS, Hapstone, Edge Pro, and TSProf Sharpeners. 

We recommend the following products:

Recommended Products

  1. 1x6 Naniwa 1K Chocolate Bar
    1x6 Naniwa 1K Chocolate Bar
    Special Price $17.00 Regular Price $22.00
  2. 1x6 Naniwa 600 Bubble Gum
    1x6 Naniwa 600 Bubble Gum
    Special Price $26.00 Regular Price $31.00
  3. 1x6 Naniwa 1K Goken Pro
    1x6 Naniwa 1K Goken Pro
    Special Price $30.00 Regular Price $35.00
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