Jende Diamond Plates, Diamond Resin Stones, Diamond Films & Diamond Emulsions

Super abrasion-resistant steels and ceramic blades are becoming more common in the kitchen and workplace. While they can hold edges longer than conventional steel knives, they will eventually need sharpening and maintenance. Diamonds are one of the only abrasives that can be successfully used to sharpen these blades – and they do it with ease. We have develped an all-diamond abrasive lineup. 

-- Diamond Plates are the most aggressive. They do major the serious repairs and profiling work at the lower 120 and 300 grits, and leave respectable working sharp edges at the 600 and 1200 level.

-- Diamond Resin Stones are cleanup and transitional stones designed to be used after the plates. They are excellent light maintenance stones and create better working sharp edges. The 6 and 3 micron polish the edge to a mirror.

-- Diamond FIlms Range from 80 micron down to 0.5 micron (220 grit to 30,000 grit), and are the most veratile of the diamond products Jende offers.

-- Diamond Sprays and Emulsions are the best Poly Diamond knife stropping abrasives for maintaning the sharpest edges on your knives, razors & other tools.