1x6 Jende Diamond Films - All Grits

1"x6" Edge Pro Diamond Films by Jende - 5 Pieces

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Not all diamond films are created equal. The Jende Diamond Films are made on a very durable 0.3mm thick substrate and attachable to either a 1x6 standard blank, dowel, or other surface with high quality PSA backing (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive). These films will not come lose from use and can be used dry, with oil, or with water. We recommend using and keeping them clean with water for the best results. The 0.3mm thick substrate means more secure diamond material, which lasts 5-10 times longer than thinner films which usually only yield 2-3 uses before needing to be changed.

Abrasion resistant steels and ceramic blades are more popular than ever, and often times you will need diamonds in order to effectively sharpen these blades. Of course you can use diamonds on any kind of steel. The Jende Diamond Films can be used as an entire progression, to clean up scratches from diamond plates and coarser natural and synthetic sharpening stones, or for finishing and edge to a mirror finish. As a progression, the consistency of the films and grits make moving along a progression fast, clean and easy no matter if you are using an all-diamond progression or a mix and match with other synthetic stones. The diamond films tend to scratch deeper than natural stones at similar grits (such as Coticule, BBW, Arkansas stones, and Japanese Naturals), and may require some more effort to clean up in a transition, or a step back in grit level on the stone. Conversely, the diamond scratches are slightly more shallow than most synthetic stones, so transitioning between the two in either direction is fairly evenly matched.   

Our 1"x6" diamond films are high quality films that are cut specifically to fit Edge Pro, Hapstone, and TSProf blanks, but can be utilized in other settings such as wrapping around dowels for serrated edges. A set of 5 pieces are available in 10 grits - 80, 60, 45, 30, 15, 9, 6, 3, 1, 0.5 micron with PSA backing. You can also add a standard 1x6 blank with 5mm acrylc for mouting your films. Please use one blank per grit as once you peel the PSA off the acrylic, it tends to leave a creased surface.

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