1x4 Arkansas Stones

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Arkansas stones are tried and true names in the sharpening world. Everyone's grandfather had one. There are traditionally 4 flavors of Arkansas stones - Soft White, Hard White, Black, and Translucent. But thanks to the work of Jonathan Coe, we are able to source several other Arkansas-based natural stones from the region, adding a greater selection to the classic lineup of Arkansas stones. Each stone is 1x4" x6mm thick and fits into any standard KME sharpener stone holder. These stones can also be used as slip stones and field stones. Arkansas stones are traditionally used with oil, but can also be used with water.

1x4 Arkansas Stones Price
Arkansas Soft White 12.00
Arkansas Hard White 15.00
Arkansas Black 18.00
Arkansas Translucent Black 24.00
Arkansas Marcella - X Coarse 17.00
Arkansas Mountain View - Coarse 17.00
Arkansas Bathesda - Medium 20.00
Arkansas Dota Creek - FIne 30.00
Arkansas Grey - Polisher 30.00
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Width 1
Length 4
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