Jende Industries offers a wide variety of the highest quality knife strops, abrasive stropping emulsions, compounds, & pastes. Our Poly Diamond knife stropping emulsions come in regular and MAX concentrations, and range from 15 micron down to 0.025 micron (1,000 grit to 600,000 grit). Our leather, kangaroo, and Jende nanocloth strops come in 1x4 (KME Sharpener), 1x6 (Jende JIGS, Hapstone, TSProf, Edge Pro), Wicked Edge, bench strops in 2x6" and 210x70mm sizes. All of our strops and emulsions are color coded for easy identification.

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  1. 2x6 Acrylic Blank

  2. 1x4 Jende Acrylic Strops

  3. Jende CBN Emulsions - 7ml

    As low as $16.50
  4. Jende CBN Emulsion - 50ml Jende CBN Emulsion - 50ml New
  5. 1x6 Mounting Blanks