Jende Ceramic Sharpening Steel - White

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The white Jende Ceramic Steel is a Mohs 9, which makes a more aggressive scratch that is ideal for kitchen knives with steels under RC 60 (most western style stainless steel knives like Wusthof, Henckel, F.Dick, Victorinox, Gunter Wilhelm, etc.). The harder ceramic leaves a little more tooth and is equivalent to about 1,200 grit.

The Jende White Ceramic Sharpening Steel has break resistant technology in the tip and handle that makes it  actually usable in an active kitchen setting, minimizing the worry of the slightest breeze or hard stare causing them to break. The handle is a sturdy stainless steel with a polypropylene grip.

Jende Sharpening Steel  Ceramic dimensions Handle dimensions Overall dimensions Weight
Black and White

275 mm long x 16 mm diameter

10.8" long x 0.63" diameter

136 mm long


410 mm


400 grams

14.1 oz.

More Information
Width 3
Length 14
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