Jende Reed Knife Sharpening Service

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When it is finally time to sharpen your Jende Reed Knife, Jende Industries is the only company that provides a sharpening service that will restore your knife to its original sharpness. We provide this service as part of our commitment to keeping the sharpest reed knives on the market, just that - the sharpest reed knives on the market!

This service is for the Jende Reed Knife only, if you would like to sharpen another brand of reed knife, click here .

The rate for sharpening each Jende Reed Knife is $5.00. To sharpen more Jende Reed Knives, simply change the quantity in the box above.

The price is the same per knife for both the Original Jende Reed Knife (#8,000 grit) and the 15K Jende Reed Knife(#15,000 grit).

Please choose a right handed, left-handed or straight burr from the dropdown menu above.

Send your knives (safely packed) via USPS First Class International Mail to:

Tom Blodgett
Jende Industries, LLC
331-5 Fu-Min Rd. 10F
Kaohsiung City
Tso-Ying District 81358

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