Chef Knives, Taiwan Tuna Knives and Custom Leather Knife Rolls

We offer a variety of Western kitchen knives and Chinese style cleavers by Maestro Wu and a huge selection of Taiwan Tuna Knives by Master Kuo. Jende Industries makes the best custom leather knife rolls, sushi knife rolls, and the monster Chef's Roll Knife Bag to store all your knives and gear in.

Maestro Wu Bombshell Steel Knives from Kinmen includes the D series western chef knives and Asian cleavers, while the MA series offers more modern hybrid European, Chinese and Japanese style cleavers, chef knives and petty knife blades. The A series is Damascus steel in western and Asian styles and the G series is bombshell steel with a traditional wooden handle.

Master Kuo G series Taiwan Tuna Knives are a saltwater fisherman's knife dream come true. The ranging from the mini to the 3XL, the G series are made from stainless steel clad with a Japanese core steel. The FN Big series is forged from spring steel and goes even 'effin bigger than the 3XL!

The Jende Knife Rolls are the highest quality, artisan made leather bags for stroing and transporting your knives and tools.