1x6 Suehiro 1K R

1x6 Suehiro Stones for the Edge Pro, Hapstone Sharpener, and TSProf

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The 1x6 Suehiro 1K R is an economical medium grit stone used for edge profiling, repairs, initial maintenance, and leaves a very respectable basic working edge. This stone is also used for cleaning up deeper factory scratches, making the transition from diamond plates and coarser stones easier and cleaner, and is a good foundation stone before progressing to finer grits.

Mounted to a blank and 1" x 6" x 5mm in size, this stone is used with water only and work best when soaked in water for a minute or two or until any bubbles stop before use. Store in a dry place in between use.

Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide

Ideal place in a sharpening progression:

  • Starting grit for general repair and maintenance of an already sharpened but dull edge.
  • After any diamond grit plate or stone to remove the deeper diamond scratches.
  • After lower grit synthetic sharpening stones (120, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800 grit)
  • After coarse belt grinder grits (80, 100, 120, 220, A65, A30 Trizact grit)
  • Foundation for branching into natural stone progressions (JNats, Arkansas stones, BBW and Coticules, etc.)
  • Before progressing to a higher grit medium grit stone or basic polishing stone (1,500 - 6K grit)

The Suehiro 1K R sharpening stone is an economical, mid-range grit sharpening stone that works on almost all types of knives, scissors, tools and chisels, including those made with abrasion resistant steels. While the 1x6 size is meant for use with the Edge Pro, Hapstone and TSProf sharpeners, it is also a great size for a slip stone, field stone or a pocket stone for knife sharpening on the go, or to remove unwanted burrs. 

On More Traditional Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Edges the Suehiro 1K R works on steels between RC 52 and RC 65 on the Rockwell C Hardness scale. The leaves a very respectable basic edge that is in the ideal operating grit on the softer end of the spectrum of steels like X50CrMoV15, AUS6, 440B, and most steels used by many kitchen knife makers like Henckels, Wüsthof, Gunter Wilhelm, F Dick, Victorinox, etc. This is also a good stone for outdoor garden shears and lawnmower blades, where ultimate refinement is not as important as overall shape.

On the higher end of the hardness spectrum of traditional steel edges made with steels like 1095, 52100, 440C, Aogami White, Shirogami Blue, O1, W1, etc. The Suehiro 1K R really evens out the surface of these steels, leaving a slightly matte finish and functional working sharp edge. The softer matrix of the stone is ideal for these harder steels.

On Carbide Forming Steel and More Abrasion Resistant Steel Edges such as VG-10, D2, M2, S35V, S90V, etc. The Suehiro 1K R acts in a similar fashion as with higher hardness carbon and stainless steels, prepping the surface to a matte finish with a work sharp edge. As an economical stone, it can remove deeper scratches from diamond plates and belts, but just a little slower than mid range and premium level stones.  

Hacks and Tips:

  • To make this stone more aggressive, make a slurry with a diamond plate or same grit stone. Slurry will be a milk chocolate color.
  • This stone is a little thirsty, so be sure to keep the surface wet with water when sharpening to avoid the black swarf from turning into a thick paste. This stone really likes a little paste on its surface to add a little horsepower and finer grit finish. Keep the stone wet enough with drops of water or a fine spray mist to allow the paste to be viscous, but not dry or too runny.
  • Because of the softer matrix, this stone will require more frequent maintenance to keep it flat and even over time. Lap this stone with a coarse or extra coarse diamond plate, silicon carbide (SiC) powder, or low grit wet dry sandpaper to keep it consistently flat and clean.

Comparable Stones: King 1K, Naniwa 1K Chocolate Bar

Alternative Mid Level Stones:  Naniwa 1K Goken Pro, Sigma 1K Ceramic

Alternative Premium Level Stones: Jende 1K SPK, Jende 1K SF, Naniwa 1K Chosera, Shapton 1K, Sigma Select II 1K, Suehiro 1K Cerax.

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