1x4 Jende Speckled Stones - KME Sharpener

1x4 Jende Speckled Stones for the KME Sharpener

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The 1x4 Jende stones are 1"x4"x 6mm and will fit into any standard KME Sharpener stone holder. They can also be used a field stones, slip stones, and even slurry stones. The Jende Stones are specifically formulated to meet various needs, so keep a look out as we add more stones to the Jende family.

The Jende 1K SPK is a speckled stone with a medium/medium hard matrix, which releases its abrasive in a very satisfying way - giving it very good aggressive feeling while leaving a nice matte finish.

The Jende 1K SF is what we have come to call "Super Fine" due to its polishing abilities, especially on carbon steel blades. It is still a 1K stone, but it really maximizes the 1K finish for a great working sharp edge.

The Jende 2K SPK has some nice cutting abilities while adding a little bit of polish. This stone leaves a wonderful working edge sharpness, and sets the edge up for futher refinement and polishing.

The Jende 6K SPK is the first polishing stone in the Speckled series. It leaves a dark mirror polish, and enables the edge to slice effortlessly. 

The Jende 8K SPK is a speckled stone with a medium/medium hard matrix, and is a smooth and silent polishing stone, bringing out a really nice shine to the edge.

The Jende 1x6 stones are meant to be used with water only, and require a quick 1-2 minute soak before use. To optimize the effects of these stones, keeping the stone free of swarf will give them slightly more aggression while allowing a paste to form will maximize the finish. When utilizing the paste, don't let it get too thick - keep it viscous with a couple drops of water.

Please choose which grit Jende 1x6 stone you would like from the dropdown menu above.

Jende KME Sharpener Stones Price
Jende 1K SPK 35.00
Jende 1K SF 35.00
Jende 2K SPK 37.00
Jende 6K SPK 47.00
Jende 8K SPK 50.00
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Width 1
Length 4
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