Stones, Films & Strops for the KME Sharpener

Jende Industries offers wide variety of accesory stones for the KME Sharpener including Chosera water stones, Spyderco stones, diamond plates, resin diamond stones, and diamond lapping films. All stones are 1x4" in size and mounted to aluminum blanks for durability. They fit any standard KME stone holder, as well as other universal holders. 

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  1. 1x4 Sigma 6K Select II

    Out of stock
  2. 1x4 Sigma 3K Select II

  3. 1x4 Sigma 1,200 Select II

  4. 1x4 Sigma 1K Select II

  5. 1x4 Suehiro 320 Cerax

  6. 1x4 Suehiro 1K Cerax

  7. 1x4 Naniwa 320 Pro

  8. 1x4 Jende Speckled 8K SPK

    Out of stock
  9. 1x4 Jende Speckled 1K SF

  10. 1x4 Jende 6K Speckled SPK

  11. 1x4 Jende Speckled 1K SPK