FAQ - Jende Industries

1. Which knife is best for cutting fish ?

The best knife for cutting fish depends on the size of the fish. Master Kuo and Maestro Wu G series and FN Big Taiwan Tuna Knives come in a variety of sizes to meet all fish sizes. G-3 mini: the smallest fish knives, used for cleaning off scales and gutting small freshwater and saltwater fish up to about 3" (75mm) wide or thick. G-3 small & FN Big G-3: is a step bigger than the mini, and can be used for fish about 4" (100cm) wide or thick. G-5 Large & FN Big G-5: for most other fish that are over 12" (30cm) long or 6" (15cm) wide or thick. For seriously big fish over 20kg or about 50lbs and up, the G-5 XL, 2XL, and 3XL are in order. For REALLY big fish, there's always the FN Big 1400, 1500 and 1600. Size does matter.

2. Is a heavier knife better?.

This is an excellent question. Generally speaking you want a knife that is balanced, which ultimately makes it more comfortable to hold and use, regardless of the overall weight. However, when it comes to cleavers, you want a more forward heavy blade that gives you more momentum on impact. Maestro Wu's knives are very well balanced across all of the D series Bombshell Steel Knives as well as the A series Damascus and MA series specialty knives. The D-12 heavy cleavers are more top heavy to help the blade drop through bones and into the cutting board. Watch your feet!

3. How long will a knife last?

When cared for properly, a quality knife from Maestro Wu or Master Kuo can and should last for generations. The only factor that really comes into play is how much use and subsequent sharpening it gets over time, as a little metal is removed each time you sharpen the knife.