1x6 Arkansas Stones

1x6" Arkansas stones for the Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Pro, Hapstone Sharpener, and TSProf.
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The 1x6" Arkansas Stones feature the usual soft, hard, black and translucent Arkansas stones, but we've also got custom Arkansas stones sourced from local areas by Jonathan Coe. The Arkansas stones come in a standard 1"x6" x 0.25" thick (6mm) mounted to a standard aluminum blank, and will fit into any standard Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Pro, Hapstone Sharpener, or TSProf system. They can also be used as field stones, slip stones, and even slurry stones.

Arkansas stones are traditionally used with oil, but can also be used with water.

Please choose which Arkansas stone you'd like from the dropdown menu above.

Arkansas Stone Type Price
Soft Arkansas Stone - Coarse 17.00
Hard Arkansas Stone - Medium 20.00
Black Arkansas Stone - FIne 30.00
Translucent Arkansas Stone - Fine 30.00
Marcella Arkansas Stone - Extra Coarse 22.00
Mountain View Arkansas Stone - Coarse 22.00
Bathesda Arkansas Stone - Medium 25.00
Dota Creek Arkansas Stone - Fine 35.00
Arkansas Grey - Polisher 35.00
More Information
Width 1
Length 6
Grit N/A
Belgian BBW & Coticule N/A
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