Sharpening Systems, Stones Plates, Films, Strops and Emulsions

Here you will find custom stones, plates, films, and strops in 1x4 for the KME Sharpener, 1x6 for the Jende JIGS for Knives, Hapstone, Edge Pro, and TSProf Sharpeners, and even stones for the Wicked Edge.
You'll also find our Jende nanocloth, leather, and kangaroo bench strops and emulsions in 2x6", 210x70mm and paddle strops sizes. We offer Poly Diamond Emulsions in several sizes, too.
If you need a guided sharpener, the Jende JIGS for Knives is also found here with its accessories.

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  1. 1x6 Naniwa 600 Bubble Gum 1x6 Naniwa 600 Bubble Gum Sale

    1x6 Naniwa 600 Bubble Gum

    Special Price $26.00 Regular Price $31.00
  2. 1x6 Atoma Diamond Plates

    As low as $65.00
  3. 1x6 Imanishi 2K

  4. 1x6 Suehiro 1K Cerax

  5. 1x6 Suehiro 5K Cerax

    Out of stock
  6. 1x6 Suehiro 1500 Debado

  7. 1x6 Suehiro 3K Yellow

    Out of stock