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This Japanese Gyuto chef knife is made with SLD steel hardneded to RC 62-63, and features a Bindang hardwood (Agathis Alba) Octagon Handle. If you're like us, you saw the SLD and immediately asked "how much?". Gyutos are usually made with more traditional Japanese carbon steels that don't appeal to most steel junkies. SLD is a stainless Japanese steel by Hitachi that is hard, tough and strong against wearing. The chemical composition of SLD is C 1.4-1.6%, Cr 11.0-13.0%, V 0.2-0.50%, and Mo 0.8-1.2%.

SLD 240mm Gyuto Specs Blade Length Handle Length Overall Length Blade Thickness Blade Height Knife Weight 
Metric 240mm 145mm Octagon 395mm 1.9mm 50mm 200 g
Standard 9.5" 5.7" 15.5" 0.075" 2" 7 oz.

This is a high quality production knife, but every detail about this knife screams custom made. The flat ground, 1.9mm thick blade is ideal for a 10 or 12 degree "laser" edge, the wood handle transitions are clean, the blade is secured with a brass inner sleeve to prevent water penetration into the handle,  and even the choil looks like it was cut during forging to form the tang.

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Width 1
Length 9