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Raffle closed on 7/22/2020! Winners were #7 and #11. Thank you all for playing!

Raffle entry for Super Thin Naniwa and Chosera stones. 20 spots, 2 winners, $5.00 per spot, choose 1x4 or 1x6 size. Adjust quantity to reflect the number of entries you would like to claim.

These stones are cutoffs that are below thickness specs for our usual stones, but too thick to throw away! Will be mounted for use in 1x4 or 1x6 sizes. Thicknesses are between 1.8mm - 3mm. It's a great way to try these stones out for a great price - if you win!

Grits include:

220 Naniwa GC
400 Naniwa Chosera
800 Naniwa Chosera
2K Naniwa Chosera
3K Naniwa Chosera

Raffle Rules:

Choose your quantity, and add this product to the cart and proceed to checkout with either paypal or credit card. Then go back to the raffle post at https://www.facebook.com/groups/GuidedSharpeners/ and post a comment with the Raffle Slot number or numbers you choose - first come first serve. Once slots are full, random winners will be chosen by auto generation.

No refunds or returns, products are as is (which is stated in the description). If there are not enough participants for the raffle to take place by the deadline, entries will be refunded.

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