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1x6 JNat
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Japanese stones (JNats) are known for their dynamic capabilities, and entering into this realm of the rabbit hole is a whole new fun and exciting world. JNats have a long tradition in sharpening, and have a huge range of stones available. Each stone's name is indicative of it's grit, which are labeled as Coarse, Medium and Fine.

We've started out with 2 basic JNats, which measure 1x6" x 6mm thick and fit into any standard Edge Pro, Hapstone and TSProf stone sholder. These stones can also be used as slip stones and field stones.

Japanese Natural stones are used with water only and just need a quick splash of water before use. They can also benefit from a light slurry made with a diamond plate, sandpaper or another stone to make them more aggressive.

The Amakusa stone is a Coarse grit, rated at about 800-1K grit. It is used as a cleanup stone from coarser grits, and emparts a basic working sharp edge.

The Binsui stone is a Medium girt, rated at about 1200-1500 grit. It is used to create a foundation for further sharpening, while leaving a respectable working sharp edge.

Japanese Natural Stone Price
Amakusa (Coarse) 25.00
Binsui (Medium) 30.00

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