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1x6 Belgian Coticule & BBW (Belgian Blue Whetstone) stones for the Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Pro, Hapstone Sharpener, and TSProf.

Slurry stones for the Ardennes Coticule Select and Belgian Blue Whetstone BBW are used to release abrasives to form a slurry that is much more concentrated and aggressive. It is this slurry helps give the coticule and BBW their one-stone solution status. These slurry stones are roughly 1 inch squares that are 5mm thick, and can be used on the 1x4 Coticule Select, 1x4 Belgian Blue Whetstone, 1x6 Coticule Select and 1x6 Belgian Blue Whetstones.

To use, simply wet the surface of the stone with water and rub the slurry stone on the surface of the matching stone. A paste will form that is milky white on the coticule and purple on the BBW. You can create a more concentrated or a lighter slurry, based on your desired aggression levels that is indicated by the intensity of the color and thickness of the slurry.

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