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This Beornidas 5/8" Kamisori is a uniquely forged kamisori razor made for the dandies and minimalists of the modern world. Crafted freehandedly with care and precision with a deep hollow ground and a cutting edge of high carbon steel for ultimate sharpness. The cutting edge is laminated to a nickel spacer which prevents carbon migration and several soft layers of damascus, which give it spine and whose softness reduces the overall brittleness. The incredibly hard cutting edge together with a soft damascus backing forms a partnership that is hard to surpass. 

Japanese steels are famed for their sublime fine edge, silky smooth cut, ease of sharpening and edge retention. Cutting edge of White Paper Steel #1 (62-64HRC), a very pure steels, with the finest grain and closest to the sword steel. Handle wrapped with rattan. Delivered Razor-sharp and with a felt protecting sleeve (soft-shell). Travellers or collectors can purchase separately a Cherry Bark Case (hard-shell), which will be custom fit to the kamisori's shape.


Razor: 5“ total length, straight edge 1 1/2“ x 3/4-5/8“

Beornidas Kamisori Razors are made to order and usually ship within 1-3 weeks of ordering and includes tracking and insurance up to $500.00.

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Width 6
Length .5