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1x6 Nubatama Stones for the Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Pro, Hapstone Sharpener, and TSProf Sharpener.

The 1x6 Nubatama stones are 1"x6"x 6mm and will fit into any standard Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Pro, Hapstone Sharpener, or TSProf system but can also be used as field stones, slip stones, and even slurry stones.

Nubatama Stones are all meant to be used with water only, and require a quick 1-2 minute soak before use. To optimize the effects of these stones, keeping the stone free of swarf will give them slightly more aggression while allowing a paste to form will maximize the finish. When utilizing the paste, don't let it get too thick - keep it viscous with a couple drops of water.

Please choose which Nubatama grit you would like from the dropdown menu above.

Nubatama Stone Options    Price   
Bamboo 320 44.00
Bamboo 600 44.00
Bamboo 1K 45.00
Plum 1K SPK 45.00
Plum 1,500 46.00
Plum 4K 49.00
Bamboo 4K 49.00
Bamboo 6K 55.00
Bamboo 8K 65.00
Bamboo 10K 75.00
More Information
Width 1
Length 6.00