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Rose Reeds Intermediate Medium and Medium/Hard Oboe Reed

Intermediate Medium Reed--If you are unsure of which reed to order, this is a great place to start. These reeds will play "broken in" after very little use. They are easy to play but still provide a mature sound and are a great follow up to the Beginning Medium/Soft reeds. These reeds are great for any level, but are best for students who have been playing for 6 months- 3 or 4 years. These reeds are completely finished and will not have much room for alterations.

Intermediate Medium/Hard Reed--These reeds are less responsive than the Intermediate Medium Reeds. They have darker tone and have more room for you to tailor your reed to your playing style. They have a thicker tip and will take more time to break them in. Students who order these reeds are advanced middle school students or freshmen or sophomores in High school.

These handmade intermediate level reeds are modeled after the John Mack style, shaped on a nagamatsu shaper tip, from an Innoledy gouge. These reeds are tied on a 47mm Pisoni oboe staple and measures a total of 70-71mm. These reeds are great for advanced high school students, college student, or adults who don't have the time to make their own reeds. 

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