Handmade Altoid Oboe Reed Case - Rose Reeds

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Hold your oboe reeds in style with this altoid oboe reed case! This case holds 6 reeds and is great for both students and adults who want to keep their reeds safe. Oboe reeds should not be kept in vials or coffins (which reeds are often shipped in) because they do not provide adequate ventilation and the reeds can easily be damaged with hasty storage. Without ventilation reeds can get moldy...YUCK!! 

This oboe reed case is made out of an altoids tin and the reeds are held in with foam sheets. The top foam sheet hold the reeds in place because of its ribbon like shape. The bottom foam sheet allows easy reed removal by pushing on the bottom part of the reed, the top of the reed will release from the foam ribbon. This reed case also features a magnet which can be used to hold razor blades or plaques. The reeds fit very snuggly and will be kept very safe in this container. 

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