D-8 Small Slicer Nikiri - Bombshell Steel

Maestro Wu D-8 Small Slicer Nikiri - Bombshell Steel

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Maestro Wu's D-8 bombshell steel small slicing cleaver is traditionally used in Chinese cooking for slicing the crispy skin off of Peking Duck. However, the overall thinness of the D-8 also makes a wonderful little vegetable slicer, or a Japanese style Nakiri.

Maestro Wu knives are some of the sharpest factory sharp knives we've ever seen, but they are capable of even more after our professional sharpening services. You can choose how sharp you'd like your knife from the dropdown menu above. We recommend the 2000, 5000, and 8000 Grit services for this knife.

Cleaver Dimensions

  Blade Length Blade Height Spine Thickness


Overall Length Weight
D-8 Small Slicing Cleaver

166 mm


61 mm


1.8 mm


110 mm


285 mm


160 g

5.7 oz.


More Information
Width 4
Length 12
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