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Beornidas has crafted a beautiful and functional Copper Damascu Spoon Knife for those who love heritage tools and sloyd. The metallurgical flawless edge and killer looks will help you slice through greenwood like butter. Ideal to carve spoons and also to deepen/smooth the bottom of cups/kuksa.

Blade is forged from damascus steel on a charcoal forge and handle is turned on a pole lathe from seasoned local hardwood (type depending on seasonal stock) or furniture offcuts; reinforced with a hammered ferrule of reclaimed copper pipe. Blade is for right-handed push use (shave away from you). You can choose to pull (shave towards you) as an option. For a left-handed person the roles are reversed; yet both types can be used by both, as the direction is a matter of preference.

The standard version has an even closed sweep, ideal for multipurpose shaving; but you can also request a milder sweep, especially suited to finish spoons and shallow bowls. Blade is delivered sharp and with proper geometry, only some further honing recommended.

Specs: Blade tapers in thickness from 4 to 2mm. Diamater of curve about 2.5cm | 1" Handle is 12cm | 5" long.

The Beornidas Copper Damascu SPoon Knife is made to order, and usually ships within 1-3 weeks, and includes tracking and insurance.

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Width 4
Length 6
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