Hapstone V7 Sharpener

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The V7 is being heralded as the ultimate knife sharpener with ability to use thousands of sharpening stones. The new V7 is pushing the boundaries for knife sharpening enthusiasts who demand the best even further.

The Hapstone V7 sharpeners work fast and efficiently. Their adjustable angle makes the sharpening process easier, and ensures the knife will stay sharper for longer. Each Jende Hapstone V6 comes with standard #220, #400, and #1,200 grit Silicon Carbide stones and a 3-point guide for all knives, including pocket knives. An angle cube is optional, and strongly recommended. You can also choose to upgrade the stock stones to Shapton Glass or Naniwa Chosera Stones with our other sets.

      • The V7 is the first knife sharpener on the market capable to set any sharpening angle in a range from 11 to 44 degrees.
      • Three Point Guide for a high-precision knife positioning. The knife rests on two contact points and after flipping it will have exactly the same position, so the sharpening angle stays correct and consistent.
      • No-tool assembly for fast deployment and mobility.
      • Lightweight horizontal shaft for better pressure control during the sharpening process.
      • Angle Gauge Holder is a base that allows to install the digital angle gauge (inclinometer) on the horizontal shaft.
      • Narrow stone holder for comfortable side look when using narrow sharpening stones.
      • Parking device for horizontal shaft.
      • Modified T-leg design for maximum stability.
      • Rigid shaft couplings to avoid accident part movements during the sharpening process.
      • Metal pivot unit with PTFE insert provides smooth shaft movement and requires no lubrication or cleaning.
      • Anodized metal part coating for extra protection.

The Hapstone V7's major difference is the shape of the pieces, which remove all previous play from earlier models.

      • All basic parts are made of metal. The Hapstone knife sharpener is built to last forever.
      • Universal stone holder suitable for the installation of sharpening stones up to 20 cm.
      • Full compatibility with Edge Pro stones mounted on blanks with 45 degree bevel.
      • Thickness compensator allowing for sharpening stones of different thicknesses to be used while maintaining the chosen angle.
      • Rubber covered blade table to protect your knives from scratches.
      • Strong neodymium magnet to facilitate knife fastening and the sharpening process.
      • Rubber coated supporting legs that can be used on any surface.
      • Spring for quick changes to the sharpening stone.
      • Stopper rings to limit the movement of the horizontal shaft.
      • Wooden handle to make time-consuming work a little easier.

These specifications enable Hapstone to deliver an industry leading high-precision knife sharpener to the market. V7 is designed specifically for sharpening enthusiasts looking for the best experience without breaking the bank! 


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