C-4 Commemorative Knife

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The C-Series Maestro Wu knives are commemorative knives that celebrate the victorous holding of the island of Kinmen against the communist Chinese during the Second Taiwan Cross Straight Crisis that began August 23, 1958 and lasted 2 weeks - and saw over 400,000 artillary shells fired against the small Democratic Taiawanese island.

The signifigance of Taiwan holding the island in 1958 against the longest odds is what this series is dedicated to commemorating. There are several bombshell steel blade styles to choose from, but what makes them extra special is their handles are fashioned from the copper bourrelet rings that helped in the propelling of the artillary shell out of the barrel. These come in a wooden display case.

While these commemorative knives can be proudly displayed, they are factory sharpened, and can be used. In fact, they are meant to be used, and they make carving knives that have amazing conversation potential, just to name one use!

C-4 Small Commemorative Knife Dimensions

  Blade Length Blade Height Spine Thickness

Handle Length

Overall Length Weight
C-4 Small

103 mm


18 mm


2.0 mm


100 mm


 205  mm

8.1 "

137 g

  4.8 oz.


More Information
Width 6
Length 14
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