WEPS Atoma DIamond Paddles

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These Atoma diamond plates are cut to fit Wicked Edge handles and come mounted on paddles for the WEPS  

Atoma diamond plates are known for their excellent quality and performance for sharpening and lapping. The mono-crystalline diamonds are electro-bonded to a stainless-steel sheet arranged in clusters across its surface, appearing as dots when looking at the stones without magnification. This arrangement allows the plates to cut more quickly, provide a consistent and even scratch pattern on the knife, and helps it to wear slowly.

Choose your grit(s) above

#140 is great for faster stock removal, re-profiling work and repairs

# 400 is also great for stock removal, mild reshaping of the bevel and repairs

#600 will help you touch up a moderately sharp edge, work your ceramics and leave you with a toothy finish

#1200 can be used for general sharpening, even on your ceramic knives. It leaves a smoother, but still toothy edge.

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Width 1
Length 6
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