Beornidas razors are hand crafted by Philipp Kirschfink, a craftsman / philosopher / bike messenger from the Netherlands using old school technology to create amazing works of art.

 "Long breaths of inspiration I have taken
from the tradition and ways of the japanese carpenters;
whose qualities seem only to be matched by their smiths and tools,
descendants from the legacy of the samurai swordmakers."

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  1. 5/8 Kamisori Razor with Shirogami #1 White Steel - Beornidas

  2. 6/8 Kamisori Razor With Cherry Box - Beornidas

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  3. Copper Cable Higonokami (Folding Knife) - Beornidas

  4. Horn Handle Stainless Damascus Higonokami - Beronidas

  5. Crooked Knife Môhkotâkan - Beornidas

  6. Copper Damascus Spoon Knife - Beornidas