2x6 DMT Plates for the Edge Pro

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The 2" x 6" DMT Diasharp diamond plates have quickly become a standard accessory for the Edge Pro. They not only make fast work of reprofiling and repairs, they can also be used for sharpening ceramic knives and knives made with abrasion resistant steels. The double width of the 2" x 6" DMT covers twice the area of  the standard width stones, making them ideal for longer knives, as well as speeding up the sharpening on shorter knives. In addition to being used as sharpening stones, they can also double as lapping plates for all Edge Pro stones.


The DMTs for the Edge Pro come mounted on a standard length, 2 inch wide aluminum blank that fits the Edge Pro Pro and Apex models, and are available as individual plates or as a set of 4. When ordering, please choose your grit(s) from the dropdown menu above.


Extra Coarse (X) is an aggressive profiling/reprofiling and repair stone and doubles as a lapping plate.


Coarse (C) is slightly less aggressive than the Extra Coarse, and is an excellent profiling/reprofiling stone and repair stone that also doubles as a lapping plate.


Fine (F) is perfect for cleaning up and reestablishing existing geometry on a knife, and makes an easy transition to other Edge Pro stones.


Extra Fine (E)  leaves a very clean working edge, and is the perfect transition plate to higher grit Edge Pro stones.

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