1x4 Naniwa Chosera Stones - KME Sharpener

1x4 Naniwa Chosera Stones for the KME Sharpener

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1x4 Naniwa Chosera Stones - KME Sharpener
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The KME Sharpener has Naniwa and Naniwa Chosera stones!

The light and portable KME Sharpener already has several stone options, and it's only natural that high quality synthetic stones should also be made available. We are offering the full Chosera range, from 400 grit to 10K, along with the Naniwa 320 pro and 4K Finisher. The size of the Chosera stones for the KME are 1" x 4" x 5mm. Please choose your grit from the dropdown menu above. We highly recommend watching the introduction videos below, as well.

The Coarse grit Choseras (#400, #600 and #800) are best for profiling, for initial sharpening, and for general maintenance and repairs, including minor chips. The #800 Chosera leaves a basic "working edge"

The Medium grit Choseras (1K, 2K and 3K) quickly produce excellent edges.

The Fine grit Choseras (5K and 10K) polish your edges to even higher levels than you ever imagined.

The Naniwa 320 Pro stone is a unique formulation by Naniwa which is related to the Choseras in quality and speed, with a litte more cutting action. It s a premium grade transition stone as well as a repair and reprofiling stone.

The Naniwa 4K Finisher is a traditional style clay based stone, but with Naniwa technology behind it. It's matrix foundation is quite solid, and releases just enough mud to put on a smooth, matte finish without all the dishing. 

NOTE: Naniwa and Naniwa Chosera stones are used with water only.

  Naniwa  Chosera Grit   Price
Naniwa #320 Pro $ 30.00 
#400 Chosera $ 38.00
#600 Chosera $ 38.00
#800 Chosera $ 38.00
1K Chosera $ 42.00
2K Chosera $ 43.00
3K Chosera $ 45.00
Naniwa 4K Finisher $ 35.00
5K Chosera $ 50.00
10K Chosera $ 65.00


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